After TikTok BAN Chinese Hackers are here for revenge, Beware!


China is out for revenge against India as Chinese Android apps start hacking your smartphones

As Chinese troops couldn’t stand against the Indian Army. Chinese are currently attacking the world digitally through android apps after the surgical strike on the Chinese apps by India. The recent ban on TikTok and another 59 Chinese app India is a big loss for the country.

The Chinese company called FakeSpy launched the malware which steales users’ device contact lists and accounts information to extract financial and application data. Chinese cybercrime group called ‘Roaming Mantis’ is out there using a new version of Android malware to steal user data using SMS messages, this practice is known as SMS phishing.

Chinese Hackers are here for revenge
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Chinese Hackers attacks Android phones worldwide

According to this research, The latest Chinese phone malware is targeting the users of mobile postal service and transportation apps globally. Some of the postal and transportation apps include the US Postal Service, Japan Post, Royal Mail (United Kingdom), La Poste (France) and Deutsche Post (Germany), Chunghwa Post, Yamato Transport.

Users are tricked into clicking a text message informing them of a missed delivery, which directs them to download a fake Android app of a postal service or delivery service app. This is being used to target Android users all over the world.

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Chinese Hackers Made Over 40,000 Cyber Attacks on India in last month

Chinese Malwares are increasingly targeting various sectors in India, with over 40,000 cyber-attack attempts made in just the past month. The information has been shared by Maharashtra’s cybersecurity cell, which has noted the increased activity of Chinese state-backed hackers targeting numerous sectors in India. While Chinese threat actors are known cybercrime actors across the world, the recent surge in hacker activity comes in light of heightened geopolitical tensions in Galwan Valley at the Indo-China border.

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