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Android 11 Beta 2 Released for Pixel Devices: Details inside

Android 11 Beta 2 Released for Pixel Devices: Details inside

Android 11 beta 2 released to Beta testers is available for all currently supported devices so that means the pixel 2 to XL and newer on the pixel 3 Axl. but as long as you have a newer pixel device than the pixel 2 you’re ready and you can run this now it will come out later to other devices but that’s when it’s actually fully released. Now this update brings stability, and this update came in at a fairly large of 1.5gigabytes on pixel devices.


Some impressive features of Android 11

This update has some delightful changes here and there it’s more about stability.

The notification bar there are now notifications categorized automatically, for example, chats and messages will be on top and alerts below them and have chat bubbles as we had in past with apps like messenger, now apps like WhatsApp and messages will support it too which makes the multitasking easier and smooth

They have now moved The music playback tile to the top, it makes it more iOS


The home screen has changed a bit and the app suggestions and the device learns as per your usage and then recommends the apps on your home screen.

The recent menu now has 3 new buttons and firstly you have a screenshot button to the left to quickly capture, editor share a screenshot on the go, Next to it have a select button to select any text you want from the current screen and many more features including security and many other things listed below



  • Native screen recording
  • Muting notifications during video
  • Increase touch sensitivity
  • Notification History
  • Auto revoke app permissions
  • Face Unlock
  • Upgraded Voice Access capabilities
  • Conversation bubbles
  • Enhanced one-time permissions
  • Multi-colored Quick Settings icons

How you can get Beta 2?

It’s easy! You can enroll here to get Android 11 Beta updates over-the-air for Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4 devices. Alternatively, give Android Flash Tool a try for easy on-demand updates, and downloadable system images are also available, Official from google.


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