Boy end his life After losing in PUBG!


Boy ends his life After losing in PUBG in Nagpur, the 13-year-old son of a policeman committed suicide after losing in PUBG game in Maharashtra, Nagpur city Police said. According to police a 7th class boy hanging from a window bar with a dupatta in his house Narmada colony on Monday

the boy is very much addicted to the game PUBG Mobile On his mobile, and he was losing most of time and he depressed After losing PUBG game

Boy end his life After losing in PUBG

They report a case of accidental Death of;the official said this news

PUBG is attracts children to the world of crime and negative thinking, the former chairperson of India space research organisation G Madhavan Nair recently said. to Ensure that online games for particularly for kids comply with international standard and regulation.

PUBG game is Best game if you play that game in the limit if you play all day and you are very much addicted in PUBG than it is not good for your mental health if you play daily with no limitation if you lose in that game many time you go to depression and this happens occur play Any game in limit.

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