How to Make Web WhatsApp Voice Video call on Computer Laptop


WhatsApp has not looked back since its entry in India. While it started with Free Chatting, later along with sharing of photo, audio and video content, today this app has also become a major means of calling. Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, WhatsApp also brings new updates from time to time and in this episode the company has also rolled out the feature of Desktop Calling in India. After this feature, people can make WhatsApp Video Call and Voice Call from their laptop and computer without mobile.

WhatsApp Web can be downloaded and installed on laptops and computers, after which you can log-in to your account on desktop through WhatsApp on the phone. Till now only chatting and media content could be shared through WhatsApp Web, but now people can also make voice and video calls from their laptops and computers. That is, even if your phone is not near you, calls can be made through WhatsApp for free.

1. First of all, install WhatsApp on your laptop or computer and login to your account.

2. To login WhatsApp account, you have to link a device by scanning the QR code in the mobile app.

3. In the WhatsApp account, go to the contact you want to call. Here the Calling sign will appear on the top right.

4. Here both Video Call and Voice Call sign will be present, whatever kind of call you want to make, go directly to it and click on it.

5. Similarly, after making voice calling, that call can also be switched to video.

The biggest advantage of WhatsApp desktop calling will be found by those people who spend most of their time on laptop or computer throughout the day. While working on the desktop, there will be no need to repeatedly pick up the phone and check WhatsApp. Users can also keep the phone silent in any other room and anyone who messages or calls them on WhatsApp will automatically come to the user’s laptop through WhatsApp Web and without running towards the phone, from that computer itself. Talk can be done.


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