Is 5G hazardous for health?causes Cancer?: Details inside

As India is very close to becoming a 5G country, Within just a few years, 5G wireless networks will be in place across India.

This will bring a very stable and faster download speed. But there have been many misconceptions floating around the 5G network, some studies even say it causes Cancer.

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Reliance Jio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch as a ‘Make in India’ initiative. It can be ready for field deployment next year as soon as the 5G spectrum is available.

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History of Cellular Network

To make Data transmission possible cellular networks needed to be developed, later started in japan in 1979, which was 1G (1st Generation of Wireless cellular Network) capable of sending 2.4-kilobits per second. These were the analog telecommunications standards that were introduced in the 1980s.

2G ushered in the new era of mobile phones with introducing a fully digital system. Instead of encoding an analog signal into a frequency band, we encoded binary data.

When 2G was first introduced it could achieve only 9.6-kilobits per second. It only could handle the text messages with ease. After some changes in the protocol, they improved 2G which is GPRS also referred to as 2.5G which speed was around 200-kilo bits per second.

In 3G it allowed us to use more efficient use of the bandwidth, on a single frequency band, they could split data into small chunks and send it across many different frequency bands. In 2005 High-speed Packet Access data introduced, which you can remember as H+, which has maximum speed up to 42000-kilo bits per second i.e 42 Mbps.

4G introduced new technology as long term Evolution or LTE, it introduced even more frequency bands like 700 MHZ, which previously used for analog TV broadcasts.

4G Network uses Octagonal Frequency division multiplexing or OFDM, it found new ways of transferring more data through the existing frequency bands which allowed to send more far more data at the same time.

Is 5G hazardous, Causes cancer?

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5G will use something called MIMO, Massive multiple Input multiple outputs.These are basically just groups of antennas that are listening and broadcasting the same freq band which would interfere but 5G will use Beamforming technology which will allow the antenna to aim at your phone instead of broadcasting the signal all over directions.

Higher the frequency wave means more the data it can carry, which means 5G is reaching a speed of 1800 Mbps. A higher frequency can carry more information, as it will encode information into the wave cycle.

They measure frequencies in Hertz, after the scientist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who first proved this invisible energy exists. 1 Hertz means 1 wave cycle,10 Hertz means a 10 wave cycle reaching us, 200 MHz means 200 million wave cycle reaching us per second. Because we are encoding information into the wave cycle, which means we can encode more information into higher frequency waves.

5G will allow the Higher download speed and lower latency .which will be huge for self Driving cars, virtual reality and to create an internet of things. It has a lot of potentials but it is not Dangerous.

We’re surrounded by natural and man-made radiation every day; from magnetic fields and radio broadcasts to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These days it’s known as electromagnetic field (EMF).

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Where 5G lies within the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

5G networks run on the 3.5 gigahertz (GHz) to 3.8 GHz frequency, even our Home wifi uses 5 GHz, frequency band. Radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation is very precise it isn’t dangerous at all at the very low energy levels used for 5G communications.

5G frequency waves don’t have enough energy to harm living cells, break chemical bonds, or damage DNA.

As you can see above Picture 5G uses a very low-energy kind of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation (non-ionizing)at the left hand.

At right, It’s the extremely high-frequency ionizing radiation at the other end of the spectrum – X-rays, Gamma rays, that are very harmful.


5G uses higher frequency and shorter wavelength which means higher energy and it causes cancer, but that radiation doesn’t have enough energy to harm living cells, break chemical bonds, or damage DNA as I told you.

These radio waves have been around for decades and scientific studies have shown them to be safe for humans. It is important to understand where they fit in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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