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Jio has given information about its new 4G smartphone Jio Phone Next and there is a lot of discussion about it. This phone will knock in India from 10th September i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi day and it is believed that it can prove to be a super phone. Although the company has not told the specifications of this phone, but some features have definitely been disclosed by the company. At the same time, so far the most leaks have come about the price of this phone, according to which the company can present it in a budget of less than Rs 3,000. Because during the announcement of this phone, the company has said that it world’s cheapest smartphone It is going to happen. In such a situation, all eyes are on it. But the question is, what will happen in this phone, due to which Jio Phone Next can be considered a super phone? So let’s know these things further.

world’s cheapest smartphone

Price plays a very important role in India and Mukesh Ambani himself has informed that this phone will be the cheapest smartphone in the world. In such a situation, this is the biggest reason why Jio Phone Next is called a super phone. Also read: Poco X3 GT coming after POCO F3 GT, see top 5 features before launch

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wifi hot-spot

There is no doubt that the first JioPhone also created panic with its launch. Due to the cheap price and great data offer, today this phone has made its mark in every household. Even if we complain about it, but everyone knows that according to the price, so many features are not available in any other phone. But the biggest drawback of Jio Phone was that it does not have a WiFi hotspot. Whereas the new Jio Phone Next is a smartphone and it is expected that the company will definitely introduce the hot-spot feature by removing this shortcoming. In such a situation, with this cheap device, you will be able to take advantage of data in other internet enabled devices. Also read: Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB RAM model available for sale, price hiked


bundle offer with jio

As we have seen earlier also the company had introduced bundle offer with Jio Phone and hope to get great bundle offer with Jio Phone Next too.

Qualcomm’s processor

In 2020, Qualcomm bought a stake in Jio. At the same time, 91Mobiles had reported last year that Jio Phone is now being made only with Qualcomm processor, whereas initially the company introduced JioPhone with two processors including Qualcomm and Unisock. In such a situation, we can expect that the company’s new smartphone will be based only on Qualcomm processor, which is known for its stable performance. Also read: Design and specifications revealed before the launch of Motorola Edge 20 smartphone

Google’s support

Photographs of Jio Phone Next have arrived but specifications have not arrived. Seeing the photo, people have assumed that the specifications will be simple. This is almost true because it is going to be the cheapest smartphone in the world. But the phone is supported by Google. Google has also bought a stake in Jio last year and it has contributed a lot in preparing this phone. In such a situation, the specification may be simple but the integration of Google Apps in it will be very good. Since the main objective of the company is to bring feature phone users to the smartphone, the Vice integration is expected to be very good. Along with this, you will also get to use regional languages ​​in a better way.

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These things can make JioPhone Next a super phone. Although the fun would have been more when the phone had 5G support. Because soon 5G service is going to knock and Jio has also started the trial.


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