PUBG Mobile Indian version comes with download size of under 600MB Lightweight Installation Function

  1. They introduced the Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile with the 1.1 update.
  2. Thanks to this feature, it is likely the size of the Indian version would be lesser than before

PUBG Mobile Is one of the leading game in India its popularity is increase day by day because of its Updates.

In September PUBG mobile was banned By the Indian Government After that Indian fans Of PUBG are eagerly waiting for the Battle Royal Title for return

On 12th November, PUBG Corporation finally announced PUBG Mobile for Indian users and the fans were very Happy hearing this. And also the company disclosed it would establish a regional office in India like PUBG Mobile Korea.

PUBG Mobile Indian version will be under 600MB in size To download from Play Store

The Lightweight installation Function Is a new update Comes In PUBG Mobile global 1.1 version.This feature has Reduce the file size of PUBG mobile From 2GB to 600MB

Apart from the global version of PUBG Mobile, Also the Lightweight Installation Function added to regional-specific versions like VN and TW. So we can assume that they will put the same into effect in the Indian version

Advantages Of Lightweight installation They separate the Files For Low End Low-spec resource pack (329.9 MB)“Apply the low-spec version of all graphic resources and high End Devices “Apply the HD version of all graphic resources. Superior performance and effects, providing the best experience HD Resource Pack (583.2MB) For better experience Without Lag. And the main Issue is with Storage Now users Can Download Easily with Play store with no storage issue.

Now only Erangle Have Download By default And You have to download All The Maps and You can delete the resources after download

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