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PUBG Mobile –PUBG Global Version 1.1 Update Download in India

PUBG Mobile –PUBG Global Version 1.1 Update Download in India
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PUBG Mobile –PUBG Global Version 1.1 Update Download in India. PUBG mobile released PUBG Global Version 1.1. to download and made live to play on their PUBG server. PUBG mobile latest 1.1 version added many features and brought the best gaming experience for mobile users including the new metro Royal mode along with metro royal mode they include Metro Royal non-battle system, Classic Mode themed gameplay, and Classic Mode additions and improvements in the graphics Here are the latest update patch notes.

New Metro Royal Mode –

  • New map: Two unique maps
  • New equipment: New Thermal Sight/Night Vision equipment and new Tikka Rifle.
  • New Challenges: Introduction of Agile bandits, Special monsters and more

New Metro Royale non-battle system –

This version brings load-out system carrying new items which are first-aid kits, bandaids, guns, guns attachment, and boosters.Now in PUBG players can customize load-out and carry guns which they need in the matches. This load-out is going to differ from the Team deathmatch which has fast fire rate and good control.


Classic Mode Themed Gameplay –

The New classic mode includes New Winter Castle Paradise and Winter Festival Hut.Spike Trap is one of the key features of Classic Mode

  1. Winter Festival: New Winter Castle Paradise
  2. Players can visit the Winter Festival hut and more

Classic Mode additions o and improvements –

  • New item: Spike Trap
  • The players can throw or pick up melee weapons and put them back into the backpack, and more.

Download and install Latest PUBG Version 1.1 from Here to Download the Latest 1.1 Beta Version –

  1. Download the APK from the links above.
  2. Make sure you have enabled ‘Install from unknown sources’ option in your android settings. If not follow these steps –
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Goto Settings – Safety and Privacy – Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.

  1. Now go back to the folder where apk was downloaded and directly install it may take a few minutes to install.
  2. Now Copy the OBB file in (Android-data-OBB folder)

How You Can play PUBG in India

  • first Download and install PUBG Mobile
  • Now download One APP DNS APK from Play Store
  • After installing Setup the APK And now You can play PUBG



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