PUBG Mobile Update:New Anti-Wallhack Security Feature In The Spectator Mode


PUBG Mobile Update:New Anti-Wall hack Pugin. PUBG MOBILE is worlds most popular online multi-player battle royal game. The PUBG MOBILE has modified and put many mods plugin to easily kill and spot enemy The cheaters are increasing day by day to stop cheating PUBG team improving their Security against hacking and Giving them PAN BAN for 10 Years. PUBG MOBILE Tweeted recently that (Cheaters are NEVER welcome in PUBG MOBILE and they constantly improving their security systems to tackle new cheats.)

The PUBG Mobile team found a recent nasty hack while reviewing in the Ban Pan security system and introduced a new Anti-cheat Technology for ban hackers. Its fight for Hackers. This new Anti-cheat keeps players from taking unfair advantage of the Spectate Mode and fixed the “one-shot kill” cheat issue.


In this hacker Used two devices to play PUBG one for playing and other for spotting enemy location. The hacker who want to cheat uses one device to play a normal game and other device used it for X-ray Vision plugin. But now new Anti-cheat system Standard, it totally depends on game host whether to transmit data to the spectator.


The PUBG mobile developers that ongoing also announced the one-shot kill Cheat that kills players in one-shot and inverts their screen are now fixed. PUBG MOBILE team said they will issue to the fraudsters and the cheaters a 10-year Pan ban from the PUBG MOBILE game.


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