What is Power Point? What is Power-Point in Hindi?


What is Power Point? WHAT IS POWER-POINT IN HINDI? If you are also looking for the answer to this question then definitely read this article till the end. Through this article, you can understand POWER-POINT even more easily and better. So let’s know WHAT IS POWER-POINT IN HINDI??


power pointer MS Office It is a program under which you can create presentation material based on slides. Power-point programs prove to be very useful in creating, improving, sorting and rendering different types of presentations easily and quickly. With the help of power-point, you can mainly do the following things.

  • overhead transparent straps
  • colored overhead transparent stripes
  • 35mm slides
  • Computer and video based slide shows
  • printed material for meetings
  • Detailed notes for the speaker etc.

The same techniques are used to prepare presentation material in Power Point. MS Office used in all programs. Along with this, you can also include information or material created by other programs such as text, charts, worksheets, graphics, etc. in PowerPoint slides. Not only this, you can also rehearse the presentation on your computer, so that you do not face any difficulty during the actual presentation.

To understand and use power point well, it is necessary to understand some of the words used in it. The introduction of its key words is as follows:-

  • Slide
  • Speaker’s Notes
  • Handouts
  • Presentation File
  • Master Slide
  • Color Scheme
  • Power Point Template

Slide :- Each page of the presentation is called a slide. You create or improve slides in a presentation. Each slide is made to highlight a particular point. For example, if you are making a presentation for a project, in one slide the name of the project etc., in the second slide the purpose of the project, in the third its main parts, so on.

Speaker’s Notes:- These are information that are given to the speaker during the presentation to remind them of certain things. These are usually simple sentences or information printed on paper. These things do not appear on the slides during the presentation.

Handouts:- These are some of the pamphlets, which are distributed among the audience. These are printed on all or selected slides of the presentation. In Power Point, you can print from one to six slides on a page.

Presentation File:- All the slides of the presentation on a particular topic are kept in one file, which is called presentation file. The extension part of the names of these Power Point files is usually: PPT, such as PROJ1.PPT. All information about each presentation, speaker notes and sound effects, if you have included them, are kept in a single file, so that they are easy to copy and use.

Master Slide:- It is a slide in which such information or material is given, which is included in each slide of the presentation. For example, you may want your or company name, people, presentation date, etc. to appear on each slide. This is done by the master slide.

Color Scheme:- In Power Point, you can set a color scheme or rules for all the components of your presentation, such as the color of the back ground, the color of the different headings, etc. There are many ready-made color schemes available in Power Point. You can either use them as they are or improve them at your convenience.

Power Point Template:- A PowerPoint template includes a master slide and color scheme. There are hundreds of pre-defined templates available in Power Point, of which you can use any. If you’ve created your presentation that has your own new master slide and color scheme, you can use that as a template. To completely change the look of a presentation, you only need to use a different template. Power point will automatically change the color, font, etc. based on that template.

How many views are there in power point?

PowerPoint has several methods for filling, editing, and viewing information in slides, called views. They help a lot in filling, editing and arranging the text in the slides. Power point has the following views:

  • Normal View
  • Outline View
  • Slide View
  • Slide Sorter View
  • Slide Show View

All these are explained in detail below:

Normal View :- In this view you can perform almost all the actions on slides of power point. In this, the power point window is shown by dividing it into three parts, in its left part text can be worked on and in the right upper part pictures, colors etc. can be worked. Along with this, you can fill notes in the right bottom section. To add notes to a slide in this view, you can activate it by clicking the box at the bottom right. You can then type and edit notes in that box in the same way as in other boxes.

Outline View:- In this view, we see the outline or structure of our presentation, in which the title and main points of each slide are shown. This view is exactly the same as the normal view, but as you move or click the cursor to the left of it, it takes the form of an outline view, which mainly works on the text. In this, a tool box opens on the left side, in this a tool box opens on the left side, with whose buttons many actions can be done.

In the outline view, there are many buttons on the left side, using which we can arrange our document as desired. It is easy to correct and arrange lines in this view.

Slide View :- In this view you can see one slide at a time. In this we can clearly see how the slide prepared by us will look like. Colors, backgrounds, shades, images, etc. everything can be seen in this. You will see a slide in slide view, in this view you can also edit the text filled in the slide.

Slide Sorter View :- In this view, you can see all the slides of the presentation in a smaller form, in which all the text and graphics are also shown. In the slide sorter view, you can arrange the slides in any order you want. One can even put another slide on top of another slide.

In this, the method of changing the slide and the effect of animation when changing the slide can also be set. Along with this, the timing of each slide can also be set for automatic slide show. Not only this, you can also observe various animation effects in it.

Slide Show View :- In this view, all the other elements of Power Point are shown in its full form one slide at a time and a small icon is also given on its left corner.

This view is used to perform or rehearse the actual slideshow. In this, you can draw such lines with an invisible pen, like a chalk is drawn on a black board. These lines are not stored. In this view the slides can be viewed one by one in the prescribed order with all the effects assigned to them.

When creating a presentation in Power Point, it is necessary to select the appropriate view for a particular task, either by selecting the appropriate option in the View menu or by using the View buttons on the lower left corner of the Power Point window. is used to.

Source: Wikipedia
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